Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What happens 30 days after an IPO?

Snap $SNAP has lost about 15% since its IPO earlier this month...find out what happened to some of the big boys of the S&P $SPY their first thirty days out of the gate.

Based on daily Apple $AAPL prices from 12/15/80 to 01/27/81 the issue returned 17 percent.

Based on daily Amazon $AMZN prices from 05/16/97 to 06/27/97 the issue returned -24 percent.

Based on daily Under Armour $UAA prices from 11/21/05 to 01/04/06 the issue returned 22 percent.

Based on daily JP Morgan $JPM prices from 01/03/84 to 02/13/84 the issue returned 10 percent.

Based on daily Johnson & Johnson $JNJ prices from 01/05/70 to 02/13/70 the issue returned -8 percent.

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